She has a face akin to but truer
Than that of the naive (mer)maid
Familiar, famed by showbiz local
Familial, framed in television global

From the scenic beaches of Palawan
To the electronic pages of Facebook
Her pretty face conveys easy grace
And charms friends, mutual and virtual

In any place, in cyberspace, her face
Draws aficionados and aficionadas
Catching attention, mutely provocative
Not by her own choice or silent intent

A face, virginal as the Underground River
Where at times she frolics in respite sojourn
(A needed rural vacation from urban occupation
Rejuvenates, refreshes and enhances her visage)

From the urban rush to the rural hush
The rustic lush pales with the natural blush
On her sweet face; flush as the façade of Baywalk
Serene as the pristine coastline of Sabang at night

Ah, Layni, princess of Puerto Princesa
With a face so innately intimate, yet, curious
Suggestive and intriguing; simple, and yet
Leaves so much more to one’s imagination!

(c) 2009 Chito L. Aguilar


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