Color My World Amber

““Gentle ladies, you will remember till old age
what we did together in our brilliant youth.”
– Sappho (610? – 580? BC),
Greek woman poet from the island of Lesbos

for Miss Amber M.: No regrets. It’s her loss, not yours.

(Her love for you, red as Cherry wine
But such was so thin as onion skin
Much obliged you were, to tow her line
Still, away she flew and left you thin.)

color my world
halfway between brown and yellow
midway between orange and tan
a lighter hue of burgundy
a darker shade of gold.

an amber-bottled pilsen
or an amber-matic pen
an amber sap of resin
or an amber glass so thin.

there’s my Amber dear as ever
someone I will always remember
halfway between friend and lover
midway between sister and brother.

when I see amber, I remember Amber.

amber and Amber
is company.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar


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