Craft Me No Basket


(for Marissa A.,
world-class artist-designer, author, lecturer,
trend-setter, entrepreneur, dentist’s wife,
brain tumor survivor, my friend)

craft me no basket
(of either weave or wicker)
make me no bag
(of either twine or fiber)
form me no frame
(of either edge or border).

bequeath to me a basket
woven with your wicker of amity
bestow upon me a bag
twined with your fiber of creativity
behest for me a frame
edged with your border of alacrity.

in your world
of colors bright and pastels light
of stuff indigenous and art ingenious
of foreign sprints and hectic stints

you remain nifty but tough (no doubt)
that no sprout brain tumor could rout.

for your artistry, infirmity is no bout.

– between
ornate artistry and plain dentistry
is love chemistry.

© 2007 Chito L. Aguilar


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