Prime’s Time


Their story began in high school,
36 years ago…

She, le Chic
He, le Stag

They were in high school
When they first met
She, prim and proper
He, athlete, campus figure

He played basketball too well
Idol of girls with teeny smiles
He, the most valuable player
My most intrepid cousin, Prime

Her charm, earth-toned; beauty
Simple, soft-spoken, bright
She won his interest
She took his heart

But their love never had any
Fleeting chance for romance
For she was unreachable
He was too timid, too coy…

They parted ways.
That was about 4 decades back!

Not long ago, this year
They met again, unexpected
She, a career lady, breadwinner
He, a retired corporate engineer

She wears a bond ring
He swears he still got sting…
Then the flame was alive
Rekindled suddenly!

What a spark!

Now my daring cousin Prime
And his mystery girl in her prime
Found themselves in time
Let their love flourish, this time…

(c) 2009 Chito L. Aguilar


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