Valedictory for a Valedictorian

(for Cynthia S., class valedictorian,
4-B, DWC-HS Class ’74, OFW)

come back, Cambodian maid,
better half of German crust.
you move to the “killing fields”
in the land of the Ankor Vat
to anchor your hopes amongst
a curious people in a war-torn soil.

your dainty hands reach out
to serve, teach and educate;
your black hair, lengthy
as your lofty mission to help.

then suddenly you return!
that familiar smell of cut grass
gone from your sinuous hair –
tresses so long and straight
that belie the twists and turns
in your perplexed life.

a brief sojourn by the spring waters
in a nocturnal reunion with peers
(though meant to unravel your enigma),
added more mystery, instead!
then you left, swiftly as you came.

come back…

host German and post Cambodian
is lost valedictorian.)

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar


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