“For the sake of your name
Lord, forgive my iniquity
No matter how great
It may be.”

– Psalm 25 : 11



(My Destiny: The Final Frontier)

(The Eternal Creator is the Sole Judge, the Ultimate Connoisseur.
In the timeless expanse of the ever-expanding universe, in the sheer

endlessness of eternity and the seemingly ageless chaos of the cosmos –
He, in the Great Beyond resides. He, in the Final Frontier presides.

At His notion is the flint of our stint in Time.
At His notion is the tint of our glint in Spectrum.
At His notion is the print of our sprint thru Life.

We do not hold Destiny in our mortal hands,
but we can conform with the Immortal Hands that shape us…

… as pot of clay, as grain of sand, as mellowed wine, as laced leaf,
… as fountain-water rising-falling, as pendulum swinging.)


behind the clouds
and skies so blue,
hope of Heaven
and glimpse of God
entice my being.

i dream so true.

embark, my soul,
journey Beyond.


– between
introspect and retrospect
is circumspect.

– between
penitence and recompense
is contrition.

(c) 2008 Chito L. Aguilar


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