IFs and BUT (Epilogue)

IFs and BUT (Epilogue)

(Shifting Shades cease not with this last leaf.
In-betweens dwell far beyond this book brief.
My words on paper-surface are but iceberg-tip.
Yet, may they strike chords in your psyche, deep;
deep as the tip of a nail to full-depth driven;
deep as the zeal I feel with every word written.
The spectrum, by light  verse, I have fleetingly traversed;
but at least, hearts and minds, I have transiently immersed.)

(Meanwhile, auburn sands in hourglass continue falling…
faceless pendulums in clocks of dreams continue swinging…)

if  there is wisdom in what I write
let the wise say right.
if  there is folly in what I pen
let the fool amen.
if  there is no love in what I scrawl
let the lovers howl.

but, should my words or verses trespass
let them come to pass.

(i write not for wealth or fame
i seek no poet’s laurel bough
though no plume will carve my name
let my heart through pen ink flow.

my psyche to fore be brought
to share with those of my kind
it is when I write my thought
that one gets to read my mind.)

– this book
is between
my heart and my mind.

(c) 2008 Chito L. Aguilar


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