The Ultimate Script

“At last when life is completed
With documents compiled in a set
The last one arrives without warning
A certificate noting your death.”

– fr. Credentials, Tim Brown


(A document is everyone’s monument.)

life is a script that ends in a crypt;
the crypt, a niche with a name on script.

( the body
is between
script and crypt.

the soul
is between
crypt and Script.)

– between
birth and death
are certificates.

– between
birth-certificate and death-certificate
is the body.

– between
tunnel-stroll* and Judgment-Scroll
is the soul.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar
* It is said that the soul goes thru a tunnel of white light when it leaves the body at death. Researchers are studying this “phenomenon” on those who went through the so-called near-death-experience (NDE).


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