(A Metaphor on Happily Married Couples)

you and I are dicotyledons
cut from the same seed
dissected and bisected
by the stem of love
growing between us.

we watch in awe, the first leaves above us
unfurl slowly, as we sustain them
with nutrients we have stored within us
since we were but one seed
on the fertile earth.

how beautiful it is to see the sky
from three inches above the top soil
where our roots anchor for life!

how bountiful it is to be bathed by sunlight
and showered by the rain –
our friends in nature assuring us
that our kind will continue and live to fruition!


how wonderful it is to fall to the ground
(and finally die together)
after our purpose of being and existence

has been fulfilled!

(c) 2005 Chito L. Aguilar

* A plant with two (2) cotyledons; the primary leaves of the embryo of seed plants and ferns, supplying stored food to the developing embryo. (cf. Monocotyledon).

– Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary


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