(A Metaphor on Singles Desiring Marriage)

unlike my kin
(the dicotyledons on the opposite page),
i am in a state of single blessedness.

while they relish wedded bliss
in a monogamous marriage,
i feel like a silent xylophone salivating,
waiting for the drumstick to hit me.

for in my moments of solitude,
i ponder how Mother Nature can be
so unfair to me, as though I do not deserve
a loyal mate, for She gave me none.

not that I question my existential purpose
for I share the same with my esteemed kin,
but the cold and lonely nights
make me envious of lovers and couples.

so hard to be alone!

yet, I find consolation
that whenever this book is closed (as always),
i am face to face, pressed tight in warm company
with my relatives on page 216.

(but is it not upsetting that I am compelled
to be with them in their moments of privacy?)

– between monocots and dicots is purpose.

(c) 2005 Chito L. Aguilar


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