Raw Photographs

Random Photos amid the Shifting Shades of Life –

Raw is real. These images are raw, unedited…

Talisay Tree at St. Gregory Cathedral grounds, Albay, Philippines

There is beauty in the-raw-and-the-rough; as the rough stone hides a gem;
as a book is not judged by its cover. Yes, Life is made more meaningful

when we learn to see beyond the shifting shades across its various stages.

While waiting for my flight at San Francisco, California Airport, I took this photo...

Light and Lines

Voice of the Parish: Vice vs. Virtue

Vintage Sign: Remnant of the "Bicol Express" Train (Circa 1960s-'70s), Daraga, Albay, Philippines

I snapped this photo as the cable car turns around in San Francisco, CA.

As I was walking the streets of Macau, I found this view irresistible, so I took a shot.

Isle of Skye (Scotland) Sunset: One of the most memorable sunsets I have photographed

I was impressed by the landscaping of these flowers in New Jersey.

Stone and Marble: Rough and Smooth

Hongkong buildings seem to sprout from Camphor leaves in this photo I took in 2008.

Clouds, Sky and Tirangles

Termite Meal

Wood and Clay


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