Rebirth (of Childhood)

This post is a Tribute to my granddaughter Paoleen, 6 years of age.  She loves to create drawings. By this blog I pay tribute to her by posting some of her ‘artwork’ (freehand sketches and computer “Paint” drawings).

“When childhood dies, the corpse is called an adult.”
– Anonymous

“Unless you be like a child, you cannot enter Heaven.”
– Jesus Christ

“The Child is Father of the Man.”
– William Wordsworth (1770 – 1850), British poet

"Japan Food", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

REBIRTH (of Childhood)
(All adults passed the road through childhood.
The rise of adulthood is demise of childhood.
May the verses here akin to nursery rhymes, make us revisit
the road of child-ignorance, sans the load of adult-arrogance.)

embrace the tacit laughter of yesteryears
as though your last cherished treasure.
clowns and conical hats do fade away;
nursery rhymes, we outgrow then cast away;
but erase not the dreams and whims of childhood.
time is a scale that weighs yokes and hopes.
exactly as the weight of adversity bears on you,
rekindle flames of your early years; and then
as the child in you is reborn, so will you be.

childhood-chime and adulthood-prime
is withstood-time.

child’s dream and adult’s whim
is fancy cream.)

– tolerance is between ignorance and arrogance.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

"A Visit to the Mall", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Girls Relaxing", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Sponge Bob & Friends", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

Agatha Christie's "Death on the Nile", drawing by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Salesgirls in Japan", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Hi Kitty", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"How to Train Your Dragon", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Vikings & Dragons", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Dragon Trainers", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar

"Winx Club", by Paoleen Jane Aguilar


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