Bamboo, revisited!

I was engrossed reading a book (trying to catch up on some chapters) on this lazy weekend, when my wife and granddaughter asked me to drive them to the mall.  Reluctantly, I obliged myself to do the requested task, thinking I need to buy a pair of sports socks anyway, so off we went.

The mall’s parking lot was full, so I was compelled to park my car by the bamboo grove just across the mall.  While inside the department store buying my stuff, I thought I heard my car alarm beep so I rushed outside to check the car.  It was false alarm, thank God!  I decided to go back to the mall where my wife and granddaughter were still shopping –

But then, the bamboo grove seemed to beckon… Instinctively, I reached for my camera in the car and found myself taking photos.


11 thoughts on “Bamboo, revisited!

    • Thanks for sharing your view and liking this post.

      Certain species of large bamboo is endemic to the Philippines.
      It is the world’s tallest grass, so they say. On its natural surroundings,
      the bamboo grows tall and sprouts new shoots, all year round.
      It is also a beautiful ornamental plant when potted and landscaped.
      We process it into world-class furniture and make other by-products.

      The bamboo is a lovely species of grass.

  1. Amazing bambo shots! (I only take snapshots but I appreciate the real photographers tha blog.) Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I tried to comment on yours before but had trouble with it. It comes across fine now and I like the look of the “shades.”

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