On the Day We Parted

(The Winds Billow, on Curtains Yellow)

the winds spill
and curtains billow
we lie still

teardrops spill
washing our pillow
our bed, still

shadows fill
hearts weep like willow
silence still

bodies twill
like fires that bellow
juices spill

we wait till
the cold winds mellow
leave, we will

the winds still
on curtains yellow
we part still.

– between hello and goodbye is unification.
– between goodbye and hello is separation.

(c) 2003 Chito L. Aguilar

The winds spill, and curtains billow.

We wait till the cold winds mellow.

The winds still, on curtains yellow.

Leave we will; we part, still.


20 thoughts on “On the Day We Parted

  1. pure colorful beauty Chito
    what a treat to meet a photographer / poet seems to be quite a few of us
    am swept away by your craft!!!

    • Thanks for your very inspiring comment, Leslie.
      May our tribe increase. 😉

      I appreciate your poetry very much.
      You write deep; very profound.
      I’m overwhelmed by your photos.

      See you around.

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