On the Keyboard


you are white
i am black
side by side
back to back

you are my self-image necessary
i am your alter-ego mandatory
in perfect contrast, we are one
in balanced symmetry, we are one

but me, you cannot be
my place, you cannot take
you, I cannot be
your place, I cannot take

you are my double, opposite
i am your shadow, requisite
you are fair, clean, conspicuous
i am dark, secretive, mysterious

and yet,

no word is typed
without You and Me!

– between you and me are words.
– between light and dark is delight.
– between ebony and ivory is mystery.

(c) 2008 Chito L. Aguilar


6 thoughts on “On the Keyboard

    • My profound thanks for your comment, my friend!
      The theme of my post today is “Black & White”.

      I find essence in the usual objects or everyday things
      and I desire to present them in a different context.

      And yes, I endeavor to associate the words to the images
      (and vice-versa); thus, finding more meaning in the process.


  1. You are a good writer and a good photographer…Awesome combination! I admire people who know how to write nice, so I admire you! Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Muchas Gracias, Ana!

      You are very kind. I value your candidness and admiration.
      Coming from a distinct blogger-photographer of your stature,
      I feel delighted too, by your comment.

      Regards to you and your daughter.

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