Here and Now

Remember, I came, because the gnawing
loneliness is there and will not be lost
until the music is sung, until the poem
is heard, until the silence is understood …
until you come to me again.”
– fr. Beyond Forgetting, Rolando Carbonell

There you are while I am here. So very far, and yet, so near.


day and night
at twilight collide
shades of bright
hues of dark.

past and future
today collide
yesterday’s memories
tomorrow’s dreams.

and there you are
while I am here
so very far
and yet, so near.

sometime somewhere

you and I will collide
then kiss and hug
but how I wish it’s

here and now!

– we are between here and now.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

Day and night at twilight collide.

Shades of bright kiss hues of dark.

Past and future today collide.

Yesterday's memories hug tomorrow's dreams.

And there you are while I am here. So very far, and yet, so near.

Sometime somewhere, you and I will collide.

Then kiss and hug...

... but how I wish, it's here and now.


12 thoughts on “Here and Now

  1. “- we are between here and now.”


    I noticed this morning that you were not on my follow list, it’s my mac, it had a virus that wrecked havoc with my computer, had to reload all my software and of all things, when I was on wordpress the virus messed with my ability to post: my screen would go black and then some green dots would start appearing and it would say, when the green dots disappeared and there was only black on my screen: “Palestine Rose, you are now in the matrix.”

    I had to trash everything on my computer and with the help of mac, reload my software.
    It’s a good thing that bought their extended warranty!

    Oh well, I did learn a lot about computers.
    Mac said the virus takes over your computer, which it did, sometimes I would have no control over my keyboard even.

    But the one that was the weirdest was that matrix thing.
    Mac said that it was from the malicious-code-virus, which, also deleted all the comments on my blog.

    I think I was targeted by GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support), megaphone desktop software, which then transmitted (intentionally) the Codec-M, malicious virus.

    It’s all fixed now and the question for me is: do I turn comments back on?

    I just don’t want to be targeted again and have to keep deleting all the stuff on my computer and then reloading the software from scratch.

    It comes wit the territory of writing about Palestine, this is not my first blog, the one I had for years which had over 2 million visitors, was deleted by some hackers and wordpress refused to put it back up for me. Of course there are a lot of Zionists who work for wordpress, so it’s no surprise that wordpress would not put my blog back up even though it was hacked and deleted.

    The “joys” of having a blog that has political content! lol

    I find it funny now, only because it’s a better alternative to being irritated!

    • Hi Rose,

      I am glad to hear from you. At least you have fixed the virus, somehow.
      I understand the situation your are into, and the political implications of your blog contents. Let’s just say you ruffled some feathers. It is really not easy to fight life’s wars and win battles; be it in the combat zone or in cyberspace.
      But hold on and keep moving. Carry the torch and let freedom ring!
      I admire your faith and your principles.

      Count your blessings. Shine on!
      Regards and see you around.

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