Men deal with life as children with their play,
Who first misuse, then cast their toys away.”
– William Cowper (1731 -1800), British poet

(A Redolent Recollection-Reflection at 50)

When I was a little boy,
I used to play at the playground
by the Peñaranda Park. I loved to ride
on the swing that vaulted so high
I could see the blue sky blur.  I had fun
with other boys on the seesaw;  so amused
watching little girls’ colorful skirts balloon
in the wind, as they played skipping rope…

Now, I find myself in a virtual playground.
The seesaw is gone, yet, my life is a seesaw
with ups-and-downs.  The skipping rope
has disappeared, but I never skip chance
for romance.  I never balloon women
who are careless with their skirts.

The swing is nowhere,
and instead,
I see the swing of a faceless pendulum
that tells me so much Time has passed

since I rode the swing!

– between
childhood and adulthood
is a swing.

(c) 2007 Chito L. Aguilar

Photos taken at:
Sunshine Play Center and Botanical Garden
Daraga, Albay, Philippines


11 thoughts on “Playground

  1. Wonderful shots, Chito…and a great memory of your younger days!

    But…I can tell…you were ‘playing’ again, weren’t you? The floral additions really enhance those particular shots.

    Love from Chicago!

    • Muchas gracias!

      As you have said, it is the “joy, fun, experience!” of childhood…;
      and that the first lesson learnt in life “wasn’t about falling,
      but standing up”.

      We enjoyed childhood and later make mistakes, meet problems
      in adulthood. We realize, as we “look back and dust those memories”;
      then “end up finding the solutions for toughest problems in the
      silliest games we played” as children.


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