Bottled Misery

I am not now in fortune’s power:
He that is down can fall no lower.”
– Samuel Butler (1612 -1680), English satirist

Rich & Poor
Cashful Machine & Cashless Human
ATMs: Automated Teller Machine & A Tramp Man

(Booze Abuse, Liquor Rancor)

bitter anguish of pilsen ordeal…
denatured agony of alcohol distress…
distilled torture of bottled misery…
pale rage of brewed fury…

… ahh, this infuriating hang-over!

is it not perplexing how men
time and again turn to drink
despite misery from pilsen
and liquors that reek or stink?

is it not confounding why men
love to raise goblets in toast
in reckless, wanton abuse, when
sooner their livers will roast?

– between
clink and stink
is drink.

– between
sober and somber
is hang-over.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar

Voice of Parish: Vice & Virtue

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