Bless the Beach and the Children

Unless you be like a child,
you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”
– Jesus Christ

Photos copyright © 2012 by Chito L. Aguilar


15 thoughts on “Bless the Beach and the Children

  1. Chito, it says that one has to be a member of this blog to have access, it’s restricted access: members only. What’s that about? I wonder if it’s only that way on a tablet? Will try later on my computer. But for sure, on a tablet the photos are not accessible.

    • Genie Rose, there should be no problem. My other followers could access the blog and view all photos (at least I only got this feedback from you). Could it be that your so-called “friends” have played with your system again?

      Many thanks, my dear Rose. Nice to hear from you. Have a nice day!

      • Maybe it has to do with me using a mac? I am on my computer now and this is what I get:

        — 403: Access Denied —

        This file requires authorization:

        You must be logged in
        and a member of this blog.
        Log in to proceed.

        You can create your own free blog on”

        I know what you mean about my so-called “friends”, though, that might be the problem…

      • If you’re already logged in to WordPress, then there should be no problem.
        Please check your account. Check your ISP or server settings too. Hope you can access soon.

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