The Succor of Silence

Silence is when soundwaves oscillate no more; a flatline.”
-Chito L. Aguilar


(silence is
not simply the absence of sound
not solely determined by ear.

silence is
the absence of thought
the nonexistence of sensation.

silence is an interlude, an in-between:
the pause between breaths
the respite between words
the gap between musical notes
the lull between drips in a leak
the break between ticks of a clock
the interval between heartbeats
the hiatus between feelings.)

– between
din and din
is silence.

© 1995 Chito L. Aguilar

13 thoughts on “The Succor of Silence

  1. Iv’e been thinking about silence lately; I read a great quote about silence: “Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.”

    I love your poem, it’s deep and soothing.

  2. Ah, the wisdom in your work of words, mi amigo, after your own long silence here! These are very comforting, and sort out the confusion if the ‘din’…muchas gracias, S. Chito…there is also much happiness in silence.

      • Muchas gracias, mi Sra. amiga!

        Your words are ever comforting. Yes, silence, too, is the absence of blogs or posts. I may be absent again since I’m leaving for San Francisco, CA, on a business trip. I will try to post and check friends’ blogs while on travel, if my hectic sprint there would warrant; January 17-27, 2013.

        My warmest regards and felicitations to you, my friend. How I wish I could squeeze a side trip to Chicago and probably see you there, but my itinerary is so tight. (Ahh, soon, I wish to retire from my job and enjoy the life of a retiree.) Hmmm….

      • Sounds very exciting, as I know you’ll find many different types of restaurants, especially Chinese, in San Francisco! Just don’t overdo it, por favor???

        You do not look old enough to retire…I expect when you do so, you’ll have much other work waiting for you, si?

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