Coming and Leaving

for what is learning but earning
more space between heart and mind
so they swell with love and meaning
that one may not be so blind.

for what is leaving but coming
from any-where to there-somewhere
linear distance notwithstanding
but instance that matters ever.

-between heart and mind is learning.

© Chito L. Aguilar


8 thoughts on “Coming and Leaving

    • Thanks Sarah!

      I took this photo last January 25, 2013 (on my 10-day trip to San Francisco). I had to bend low to get a good angle with my camera, as the flowers are growing low, about 2 feet only. I think they are wild flowers. Yes, amazing, since their color combination is green-blue-violet.

      Funny, I did not see those flowers last summer (August 2011); I was on the same spot photographing the Golden Gate Bridge but those flowers were not there. Perhaps they only bloom in winter.

  1. The gorgeous flowers add so much to this stunningly ‘clear’ image, S. Chito! The 25th was an excellent day to photo the bridge, and with the air so crisp and pretty clean! Sorry we couldn’t meet, even half-way, mi amigo!

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