The Persistent Vine

persistent vine_1_fb

persistent vine_2_fb

persistent vine_3_fb

persistent vine_4_fb

Haiku & Photos © 2013 Chito L. Aguilar


11 thoughts on “The Persistent Vine

  1. Marvelous ‘growing’ vinery, caro amigo…very inspiring shots to teach us how all can exist in the concrete jungle, without one ‘strangling’ the other. I so appreciate your haiku, especially because I find them very difficult to write, though I do come up with one occasionally–after really ‘sweating’ it out of my brain ( I am so much more a ‘free verse’ poet, even though iambic pentameter can also take over once every so often!

    • Muchas gracias, mi Sra. amiga!
      I am impressed by your profound interpretation; rightly so, as we are all vines that must peacefully co-exist in a concrete jungle. I know you write good poetry, as I have read your verses. And regardless of form and format, what is essential is we are able to express our thoughts and share our sentiments with the rest of humanity.

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