Sunset Blues

Sunset Blues


remnants of golden sunset –
filigreed beams of horizon frameless.
in the darkening orangey hue
i see you:
face generic, hair genetic.

your image, in a maze of haze,
just a trace in the blaze

ocher lines crisscross
ions of woes and eons of lows
in this emptied beer bottle,

like my empty mind
as I gaze in daze
at the shifting shades
of the slowly emptying sun.

then light empties… into night.

 – between
ions of woes and eons of lows
are amber tows.

© 2003 Chito L. Aguilar

‘Sunset Blues’ on YouTube:

9 thoughts on “Sunset Blues

    • Thank you so much Sarah!
      I hope I did justice to the sunset thru my poem (I took the original photo way back in 1987, in Scotland). I’m glad you liked the verses; they reflect the emotion I felt at the time of writing.

      • I’m into Scotland at the moment, as that’s where all the action is happening just now in my novel-in-progress. Not as far north as in your photo, but in Inverness-shire.

      • Nice to hear that, Sarah. Lovely place, Scotland is. Yes, I have been to Inverness too, where I think the castle is just simply romantic. Good luck on your new novel!

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