Easter: The Sunday of Sundays

Happy Easter!”

Easter Sunday Beach Fun

(Easter Sunday Pun and Fun)

the Sunday
between crucifixion
and resurrection

the Sunday
between week holy
and weak wholly

the Sunday
between fast and feast
between pray and play

the Sunday
between gloom and gleam
between thin and thick

the Sunday
of unions and reunions
hidden eggs and bidden legs
on crowded beaches


the Sunday
leave and heave
vacation and occupation.

© Chito L. Aguilar
“Shifting Shades and In-betweens”


10 thoughts on “Easter: The Sunday of Sundays

  1. Easter seems to be ‘the turning point’ for many…and your work of words emphasizes that most significantly, S. Chito! So many seem ‘stuck’ in the times past, not realizing there IS a future….

    I hope your Easter Sunday was filled with much joy!

    • Thanks, mi amiga. Yes, the future lies ahead and we should look forward to it, rather than get stuck in the past. And today (which is between yesterday and tomorrow) must be well-spent if we are to look to a brighter and better future.

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