About Book

“Life is a specter –
a spectrum of colors:
changing hues from end to end,
shifting shades at every stage.”

Chito L. Aguilar



This book is a collection
of some
snippets of thought —

an atypical journal
(of rhythm and rhyme)
that takes the transient reader

on a ride

thru the dimples of our lives,
along the pathways of love and friendship,
on foamy froth, across unscented flames
to renegade musings of an ebullient midlife…

in shifting shades

Shifting Shades and In-betweens

(c) 2008 Chito L. Aguilar



Dear Reader,

Thank you for your interest.

This book contains 30,692 words.  Words are gratis.  Like the air we breathe, they come free from the Infinite Source (the eternal Wellspring of everything).  I patiently selected, picked the words from the Wellspring, then carefully arranged and planted them on the pages of this book.

You may ask, “What’s in it for me?”  It depends on you.  One man’s mold is another man’s gold.  Between anything and everything is a thin line.

Let the verses speak to you. Some schemes may seem personal, but the themes are universal.

As you explore between the pages, please go beyond rhythm and rhyme; beyond simile and metaphor; beyond alliteration and quotation; beyond pun and fun; beyond the words.  Words are seeds that sprout; eggs that hatch.  Your mind is the soil; your heart, the incubator.

When you wander across the color-spectrum of this book, you may discover new plateaus in varying glades and revisit old valleys in shifting shades. Yet, you may tread bright meadows or trod dark shadows.

Or perhaps, you may rouse to find yourself on the same boat where I am (in transient journey), in the high seas of life.

Read on.


Chito L. Aguilar


4 thoughts on “About Book

    • Muchas gracias!

      I am happy you like my book.
      An e-book edition of “Shifting Shades and In-betweens”
      is in the making so that interested readers can download copies.
      You will know as soon as done,

      Cheers! 😉

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