Beauty Soap

(Girls, beware of the trivial soap!)

you, modern ingot of ancient origin,
perfumed performer of the bathing ritual –
an oily but daily crony of the lavatory,
slippery when wet…
in pressed caress, you conspire with water
to form sudden suds that cleanse skin of scum.
in sweet scent, you lather softer than feather
and disappear without trace.

your intimate liaison with a woman’s body
is beyond fantasy! Your slick bubbles lick
contours of her sleek curves, inch by inch
savoring her wet skin over and over
that even the covetous shower curtain
ruffles in jealousy!

ah, you alkalic block of luck untold,
you look so naïve and innocent
even as you melt in classic ecstasy
then diffuse with septic filth
flushed down the bathroom drain
to the limbo of slime and grime.

and yet, you whet the appetite
of the sensual and the sexual

(the likes of me).

 – between
 sensual and sexual
 is corporeal.

(c) 1987 Chito L. Aguilar


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