“Life is a specter –

a spectrum of colors:

changing hues from end-to-end,

shifting shades at every stage.”

– Chito L. Aguilar

This blog contains poems and quotes from my book,

Shifting Shades and In-betweens“.

Words on paper are like nails on wood: simply written, deeply driven.  My plain book (honed by pen of ardor, toned by hammer of fervor), merely means to magnify Life’s shifting shades and amplify the in-betweens.  I am no woodsmith, no wordsmith; what matters most is, our worlds meet.

Shifting shades is my allusion to Life’s ever-changing ‘colors’.  It is my metaphor on the constantly varying faces and phases of existence; as color spectrum, as the Aurora Borealis.

“Time has neither beginning nor end, an eternity.
It has neither width nor breadth, an infinity.

Our stint in Time is but a flint: finite, phantom!  
The tint varies as we sprint across the spectrum.

We glint from new mint to old lint; from firm to frail
Our print we leave; footprint-tracks mark our trail

Between end-to-end, the specter of reality
Is shifting shades; amidst eternity.”

– (c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar


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