ALLITERATION:  Life is a sentence, an alliteration*.
(Literate or illiterate, we alliterate.)

In the course of reading poetry
(intercourse in word-geometry),
one discovers that artistry
is not matter of ancestry.

the sentence of Life
is a repetition
of similar or the same
qualms and quandaries
at the beginning of each stage,
only to end

in a period.

is between

is between

is between
period and comma.)

– between words and chords is punctuation.
– between prose and poetry is expression.
– between prophet and poet is alliteration.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar

* Alliteration is writing or speaking in words beginning with the same letter; the repetition of the same initial letter (usually a consonant) in a group of words in a sentence.

– Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary


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