A Mother’s Farewell

(Tia Siony, housewife, mother, cancer victim)

not for long in this world I shall be
my sons and daughters grieve not for me
i have lived my life, have made my mark
now I am ready, to lose my spark

unto this world I brought forth my brood
and made so certain you all are good
during tough times I have seen you thru
cheerful moments I have shared with you

in your early years when I was strict
and I had to whip you with my stick
never forget I endured the pain
all my forfeit were to your own gain

toil and labor I did to make sure
that you may never end as failure
but for my faults in this life I live
may I now request that you forgive

when I am gone set aside your tear
be at ease and put away your fear
if I must die for now I am ill
then so be it, for it is God’s will.

swaying-crib’s ark and rocking-chair’s arc
is loving-mother’s mark.

(c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar


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