Ember in the Rain

“Strange, is it not? that of the myriads who
Before us passed the door of Darkness through
Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
Which to discover we must travel too.”

– fr. Rubaiyat, Omar Khayyam (1050? – 1122)







(in loving memory of my sister, Leni)

she brought the sun
whenever she came.

her laughter heralds her
lively presence like emeralds aglow
sparkling thru a window pane.

she was a daughter and a sister –
audacious as the torrents of riverflow
that never wane.

she was a wife and a mother –
fought with equanimity, not to show
all the pain.

she was an ember –
sought the tenacity to glow
in the rain.

she was a giver –
generous, even in the midst of the Silent Foe
that took her away in vain.

(Now, my sister dwells in God’s Eternal Peace!)
– February 9, 2005

(c) 2005 Chito L. Aguilar


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