When I Was Your Age, My Sons

My Twins Sons, Niño and Paolo









(for Niño & Paolo., on their 16th birthday)

i helped your Grandpa fix the door
never scattered things on the floor

my hair was cut short: white-sidewall
not dyed blonde and not jelled at all

i read Shakespeare and loved poetry
disliked rowdy disco party

saw movies with friends on weekends
didn’t burn telephone lines on ends

wrote love letters for my crushes
never knew Internet Cafés

i enjoyed the good old stereo
no cellphones, iPad or video

i learned guitar and all its thrills
never drove around with my girls

i played ping-pong with my brother
never played with a computer

slept early before it’s midnight
never stayed out ‘til morning light

yes, when I was your age, my son
my life was plain, yet, so much fun.

– January 15, 2000

(c) 2000 Chito L. Aguilar


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