Her Daughter’s Reply

(Gi B., daughter)

my dear mother, much sorrow I feel
and so I pray, to God I appeal
that He may listen and you be spared
for we do need you, who always cared

there’s no other who can take your place
and no one else who can fill your space
i am thus certain you will be missed
the best mother we have ever kissed

if I have erred or have gone astray
it does not mean I have turned away
from your tender love and caring touch
please rest assured I love you so much

in my heart you shall dearly remain
and evermore I will feel the pain
of losing you in this life weary
always you’ll be in my memory

when you are gone, I’d be on my own
for life goes on and up I have grown
so my Mama, “Thank you!”, I must say
my debt to you, I cannot repay.

– between
mother’s hark and lover’s spark
is daughter’s lark.

(c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar


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