Paolo to Paoleen: Genetics

Paoleen & Paolo








(Me: at 26, a father; at 47, a grandfather)

1982 –
i slip under white bed-cover
soft bedsheet shaping taut manhood
(with pleased, happy, content lover)
anticipating fatherhood…

2005 –
i bend over pink crib-stroller
soft cribsheet shaping Paoleen good
(with pleased, happy, content father)
relishing thrilled grand-fatherhood.

boyhood and manhood
is frenetic flexibility.

manhood and fatherhood
is generic responsibility.

fatherhood and grand-fatherhood
is genetic ability.)

– between
 generic and genetic
is continual conflict.

– between
dogma-of-Creation and theory-of-Evolution
is continuing-confusion.

(c) 2005 Chito L. Aguilar

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