“A woman with a long tongue
Is the stairway to disorders
For those come not down from Heaven
But are begotten of women.
They who can give neither wisdom nor precept
Are women and eunuchs.”

– Shih Ching


(Drift words draw swords!)

… lips curl …
… tongues twirl …
… words out …
… the mouth …
… rapid-fire …
… never-tire …

huh, they sting like hornet
fanning flames of tempest
brewing undue distress
fermenting awful stress

desist, all you mongers of yore
cease the senseless tales of lore
for you sow the seeds of discord
day shall see your woes untold.

– gossip
is between
creation and demolition.

– rumor
is between
humor and tumor.

(c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar


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