In the Throes (of an Old Year Parting)

(of an Old Year Departing)

(New Year’s Day: What  is new, really?)

the Old Year,
in tattered garments
limps away.
the hands and limbs
wrinkled, twisted and gnarled
by the weight of troubles
humanity has inflicted upon it.

the weary eyes,
somnolent and sunken
have witnessed –

how man falls victim of his own whim;
how man stills, dead of dreaded ills;
how man is spoiled by spoils of war;
how man effaces the faces of the earth;
how man abuses success and excess
how man suppresses and oppresses;

many more, much more…

to bear the burden and carry the yoke
of man’s woes and whims is no joke.
no Year ever gets away unscathed!

and now
comes another New Year.

– between old year and new year is 365 days

(c) 2001 Chito L. Aguilar


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