Laundry Lesson

(Dare to bare?)

we hang laundered garments
on a clothesline as drab routine.
we touch-feel the damp
and leave them to dry;
collect the dry for ironing.

we rush to gather all clothing
to save them from rain (lest we regret
we should have promptly gotten them
at the sight of dark clouds).

we carry the burden
of washing and drying clothes
as an indispensable chore.
this wicked boredom borders on
tedium and tedious.

on the clothesline,
our garments are irrelevant.
minus our bodies unto them,
they are just banners
flapping in the wind.

yet, we, without them:
undressed, uncovered,
naked, nude and bare!

– between
naked and nude
is bare.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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