(for Seething Seagull, 28)

i stand on the shore so wide
and watch a seagull at play;
bird of sea in graceful glide,
wings so free to fly away.

some grains of dry sand I clasp;
oh, so fine they seem to me.
yet, they slip my tightest grasp
to fall, back where they must be.

seagull you are, in the air;
and on the shore, I am sand;
and though you love me so fair,
hold you I can’t, in my hand.

time may come you’ll heed a call
and leave me (you will) behind;
for I’m not free-as-seagull,
am where I must be, as sand.

– between
seagull and sand
is destiny.

– between
you and me
is fate.

– Chito L. Aguilar
(c) 1999


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