Cave of Crave

“Close your eyes on me and you can be with me
‘neath the waves through the caves of ours
Long forgotten now. We’re all alone
We’re all alone.”

– fr. lyrics of We’re All Alone, Boz Scaggs


(We all have our cave of console and pining.)

in the cave of crave
you are stalagmite
and I, stalactite.

the endless drip
from my pointed tip
you catch to relish and sip.

in soggy patience, through eons of Time
we grow carbonate lime stakes of passion
molecule by molecule, inch by inch.

you, ever reaching up to me
i, ever reaching down to you

until our lips of conical tips kiss
eternally in sweet, silent rendezvous

then we become one pillar
of solid bliss untold.

– between
stalagmite and stalactite
is consistency.

– between
altar and alter
is constancy.

(c) 2003


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