End of an Interlude

(Rm. 602, Ambassador Hotel, London,1987)

the red wine tasted sour this time.
she sat on edge of the bed. I watched
her tender hands slowly caress my lap
as tears from her droopy eyes fell on the pillow.
then her voice broke, “So this is goodbye –– ”

my heart: thunder between storm clouds.
scattered silence I could sense.
i wrapped her in my arms so tight
our breaths stopped in eternity.

the romance of three months was idyllic!
she is the dawn that glows red-orange
then turns yellow as the sun peeks.
she smiles like a firefly in the night.
her warmth tames the cold English breeze.
her lips taste of tea with milk,
creamy as whipped egg whites.

we kissed for the last time!
(wanton woes withered with wordless wish.)

i strapped my luggage,
hurried to the door without looking back.

i had to catch my flight home…

– September 20, 1987

(c) 1987 Chito L. Aguilar


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