“A wife is sought for her virtue,
the mistress for her value.”

– Chinese proverb

(Miss not this metaphor:
A mistress is a harbor.)

i see the harbor, lights beckon
like fireflies flickering in dark night;
refuge for ships and lonely seafarers;
shelter from the storms.

i (your mariner),
perpetually drawn to
you (my harbor);

eternally seeking your sanctuary

to unload cargo of tears or fears,
to load and stock ropes of hopes
to load and stack reams of dreams

… only to leave you again
to sail once more, in constant journey,
in transience.

in the high seas of life
i yearn, for a glimpse

of harbor lights!

– harbor
is between
seaman and layman.

(c) 1999 Chito L. Aguilar


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