(Transient Liaisons)

i shuttle between kisses
scuttle between embraces
flutter between sugar and nectar
falter between alter and altar.

like a comet of fiery tail
that streaks across the heavens pale
in brief passage from east to west
in transit from quest to conquest –

i leave a mark, a trail,
in transience.

(on Life’s journey I did embark
on rousing pathways I trek much
while in passage I leave my mark
on winsome roses that I touch.

on precarious course I travail
by rocky roadsides I get burned
but in transience I leave my trail
no hefty stone remain unturned.

in deep canyons sometimes I fell
on steep ravines I climb though frail
my strength, I find on roses’ smell…
i leave my mark, I leave my trail.)

– my mark is between sugar and nectar.
– my trail is between alter and altar.

(c) 2003 Chito L. Aguilar


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