Oh Venus

“Love conquers all things:
let us too give in to Love.”

– fr. Eclogues, Virgil (70 – 19 BC), Roman poet


(My Ode to the Goddess of Love)

goddess of Love must you beguile
man, so frail to your charms do fall?
must man decry, be worth his while
to fall in love and heed your call?

should arrow from your son Cupid
pierce man’s heart to gravely afflict?
should man be naïve, yet, stupid
to yield and bear amidst conflict?

ah, Love conquers all, so they say;
so must man to your spell succumb?
and, why must man delight or pay
a toll price forthright ‘til the tomb?

oh Venus of beauty so pure,
guide baffled man that he be true;
when in love he better be sure
to keep your fire always so new!

– between
love and hate
is flame.

(c) 2006 Chito L. Aguilar


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