The Flight of Ebony

(for Gina, on leaving for America)

Go forth to find your place
In this world of dreams, but
Never for a moment forget
Am with you in your hopes.

By your choice you seek new shore
Ever knowing how vain this is.

Happiness is meant to be yours
And I will not deter your chance
Probably because it means the
Peace of mind you so deserved.
Yes, you should move on.

(when the lures of distant shore beckon
against all delight our love brings
follow the current flow but reckon
i am the wind beneath your wings.

in the chores of time, you may forget
by pangs of solitude, falter
yet, neither would I fret nor regret
for you are my altar’s alter.)

– between
altar and alter
is the wind.

(c) 2001 Chito L. Aguilar


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