Tidal Romance

(for Babes)

you are distant from me once again.
i see you, static and ageless
as I recede (moving back in curling waves
in a reflex retreat to extreme end),
an impulse response to Natural Law.

you are the shore. I am the tide.

you, motionless. I, restless:
drenched in endless anticipation of
the appointed hour, when I shall flow back,
getting closer to you once more.
i anticipate when we touch anew.

but the long wait seems perpetuity —

like a bride waiting for the groom’s lips
in a kiss prelude to the exciting honeymoon;
an innate respite from intimacy, tentative
like pause between breaths, hiatus of silence,
a transient recess, passing, fleeting wait.
yet, almost eternity. Ah, the woe of infinity!

destiny brought us together
in this daily cycle of coming and going;
in this transitory game of being near and far;
in some ephemeral moments of high and low;
as we dither (in shifting shades)

in the ebb and flow of tidal romance.

– between you and me is tide.

(c) 1992 Chito L. Aguilar


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