Amber Moth


(One night, a butterfly alights and rests on my beer bottle
while I sat nostalgic, having some pilsen. The unusual company
compels me to type these words on my cell phone…)

powdery flaps of brown with white strip –
a winged worm of nocturnal flip;
you (in restful perch), on gaping amber lip
while I (in restless search), on dazing amber trip.

what lure does amber have in keep
that we both are charmed so deep

by its mystic grip?

– September 28, 2003

hairy moth and airy froth
is weary me.

nocturnal and infernal
is sepulchral.)

– nostalgic
is between  
toxic and gastric.

(c) 2003 Chito L. Aguilar


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