Brewed Beer, Brewing Storm

“As he brews, so shall he drink.”

– Ben Jonson (1572 – 1637)


a typhoon baptizes the city.
i kiss my cleric (pilsen) at the park
where barbecue stalls queue like pews –

their canopies billowed like St. Peter’s dome
in the unpious wind, while raucous brethren
(brain and brawn) congregate in communion
(as usual)
in the rite of drinking brewed beer.

the brewing storm crusades
to chastise this sanctuary of the trinity:
beers, peers and cheers.

in the flight of twilight, I see
sinners and saints(?) confess and profess
devotion on the rain-soaked sidewalk.
scent of incense (grilled pork) fill
the ambiance of amber and ember smoke
amidst a litany of clink and clatter;
amidst a rosary of plink and platter.

no irreverent storm could vanquish their faith!

i gulp the homily of my last bottle
then gallop against the walloping wind…

– between
beer and storm
is brew.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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