Park Perk

“A good drink makes the old young.”
– Anonymous


a routine afternoon delight
at Peñaranda Park as light
gets dark; red-orange dusk turns black
with amber Red Horse Beer in stack.

a hundred kicks a bottle brings
remembering old and new flings
some sticks of spicy barbecues
do prick away all of the blues.

with pals who stick thru thick and thin
and tales to tell as thick as cream
the clock ticks by ‘til our heads spin
then we kick off, to sleep and dream.

twenty-five jubilee years since
leaving portals of Divine High
these late afternoon park stints
pack some perk as time goes by.

– March 1999

– between
glint of youth and tint of grey
is stint of time.

– between
perk of young and jerk of old
is quirk of midlife.

(c) 1999 Chito L. Aguilar


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