Ebullient Midlife

“Youth has vision! Old age, dreams.”

– Melvin Tolson (1900 – 1966)
U.S. poet and teacher


“Midlife has hopes.”

– Anonymous


(Midlife means –
Incitement from Youth, Enticement to Old Age;
Detachment from Youth, Attachment to Old Age;
Demarcation from Youth, Embarkation to Old Age;
Immigration from Youth, Emigration to Old Age.)

the innocence of youth
is the silent flash of lightning.

the ruckus of old age
is the uproar of thunder.

midlife is between
lightning and thunder:

– between
virtues of inexperience (in youth)
virtuous patience (in old age)
virtual ebullience (in midlife).

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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