Gone Grey

“The sky from my window
is as grey as our pants
in high school.”

-Text message from Bob P.,
a classmate.

Divine Word High School, Section 4B, Class 1974











(Go grey, go stray!)

i see the grey sky –
the same sky you see
from your window,
sans the stray mist.

our grey pants
are but jaded memory that faded
with the swings and flings of our teens.

gone too,
our adolescent whim
and whimsical denim
gnawed by Time-vermin.

our grey pants and stray wants, we let go.
the grey sky and stray mist too, we let go.

in shifting shades
they just fade away (as I stray)

as our hair turns grey.


– between
pants-grey and hair-grey
are thirty-summers jay.

(c) 2004 Chito L. Aguilar



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