Temporal (Impermanence)

“What is fame? an empty bubble;
Gold? a transient, shining trouble.”
– James Grainger (1721? – 1766)
British physician and poet

“For he can see that even wise men die
The fool and the stupid alike pass away
Leaving to others their fortune and wealth
Their graves are their eternal homes…”
– Psalm 49 : 11-12



(Fame and fortune are momentary;
grandeur and splendour, temporary.)

the ephemeral lotus –

on a pond blossoming
in nocturnal splendor
with myriad stars
on the tranquil water
reminds me of
the transience of man
and life’s fleeting rewards –

here today, gone tomorrow!

– between
failure and success
is impermanence.

(c) 2002 Chito L. Aguilar


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